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Corporate Services

Drug Testing Your Employees

Thanks to having numerous lab affiliates we are able to offer companies 6 different types of drug tests, each of which are performed under the supervision of an MRO (Medical Review Officer):

  • Anabolic Steroid Panel

  • Basic Drug Screen (hair analysis)

  • Non-DOT Screen (10 drugs + alcohol)

  • Non-DOT Screen (10 drugs)

  • Non-DOT Screen (5 drugs)

  • DOT Drug Screen

Note that our lab partners cannot take requests or lab orders from residents of NY, NJ, or RI.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Blood Test

Wellness Programs

We are proud to be among the few wellness centers who offer a Wellness Program that isn't "cookie cut" for every company that uses our services. That said, when you receive a Wellness Program quote from us, it will only be after we've had time to discuss what you want for your staff, and how we can help make that happen.

As a member of the custom-tailored Wellness Program, every person in your company who elects to join the program subscription may be able to enjoy discounted lab tests, discounted supplements, and telehealth services offered at either a discount or "x" amount of free session minutes per month, depending on how you decide to design the program that will best suit your company's budget and needs.

In addition to your company being able to offer free or discounted services &/or products through the custom-tailored Wellness Program you design with us, our lab and supplement providers also accept HSA and FSA cards as a form of payment, meaning that in addition to being able to provide your staff with discounted products, labs, &/or telehealth services, your staff has the option to pay for their supplements &/or labs with their HSA or FSA card*.

For more information, or to request a call-back to discuss a custom Wellness Program for your company, please call our

office @ (888) 231-5325.

* To be eligible as a payment method, the HSA / FSA card must have a 16 digit card number, an expiry date, and a security code to be entered at checkout. 

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