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Get Outdoors!

In addition to health consultations, medical advice (by our M.D. partners), diet advice, and all other types of lifestyle advice we offer to help improve our client's and patient's quality of life, we also highly encourage regular activity outdoors.

Not only will being outdoors (in the sun) give you a natural source of vitamin D (a nutrient that many people with COVID-19 have been deficient in), but spending as little as 20 minutes in the outdoor-activity (of at least moderate intensity) of your choice will help keep you limber, can help prevent muscular atrophy, can energize and invigorate you, and can even lift your mood!

Brian (our founder) has been an avid outdoor sports enthusiast since 1988, and not only served as a Boy Scout counselor of wilderness safety, survival, and first aid for over 15 years, but continues to voluntarily lead groups in the North Georgia mountains and various other parks around Georgia. Outdoor sports are not only Brian's passion, but are used by Brian (& Prime Wellness USA) as an extremely fun form of exercise for our clients (in our fitness programs & workshops). Outdoor sports are not only loads of fun, but can burn upwards of 800 calories per hour; yes, you read that right... upwards of 800 calories per HOUR!!!

If you would like more information about outdoor sports, our fitness programs, or general fitness information, please give use a call at (678) 466-9736, or chat with us through our website chat-box.

Here are some links to some of the parks and recreation options we have around Georgia:

Couple Walking

To add to all of this...

Brian and several of his associates regularly hold special craft days 2-3 times per year, through the local recreation centers &/or participating parks to show kids and adults alike how they can craft their own outdoor gear; rather it's just for fun, or with the intention of adding custom gear to their adventures!

In addition to learning how to MYOG (Make Your Own Gear), you and your kids will have the option to join us for the host of other events (including academic / extra curricular) we randomly choose each event;

Ranging from...

  • Healthy Cooking (in the backcountry)

  • Orienteering (outdoor navigation ~ incl astronomy)

  • Wilderness First Aid 101

  • Hiking 101

  • Long-Trail Adventure Planning

  • Outdoor Survival 101

  • Paddling Adventure Sports

  • Caving / Spelunking

... and much more!


Call our office or lookout for the "Get Outdoors Craft Day" banner that we put on our Home page, & mark the date! It's a free event, scheduled only on nice weekends (to ensure your full enjoyment), so why not join us for some fun and adventure? Just remember to bring water and snacks for you and the fam... because we only bring the adventure! 😉

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