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Lab Testing

Getting a Lab Test

In the same way that a traditional medical doctor or hospital requests to have lab work done to help zero-in on a person's prognosis, we (& other complementary healthcare providers) sometimes need our own lab work done on a person to help us zero-in on underlying problems or symptoms that we don't want to simply guess about.

To best serve our client-patients in offering them both diverse test options, affordable rates, and convenience, we have over a dozen labs that we can order tests through; providing you with hundreds of options.

When you order a test through us...

  • All tests that do NOT require a blood draw or clinician supervision will have a collection kit mailed directly to you: Forget about having to find a collection center near you!

  • Tests that REQUIRE a blood draw, or require the presence of a clinician (e.g. drug tests), must be done at the closest PSC (Patient Service Center) to you.

  • Once your test results are in, at request, we will automatically forward them to your primary HCP... otherwise, we will contact you to set an appointment so that one of our providers can discuss your results with you!

Do you want one of our providers to evaluate what type of test(s) you need? Or, perhaps, you already know the test(s) you need and would like to order a test today. Then, click on the button below to see a price list of our most common tests. Call us @ (678) 466-9736 if you don't see the test you are interested in or looking for.

Note that our lab partners cannot take requests or lab orders from residents of NY, NJ, or RI.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Lab Experiment
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