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In our effort to create a healthcare co-op, we are open to any natural or medical (incl. labs) provider who wants to join our "network" of providers, for the purpose of doing everything we can to help a person with their health needs, concerns, and/or goals.

Even though we use HIPAA-compliant EHR software, neither NutriPharm's providers, nor any natural provider that joins our co-op is required to retain HIPAA-compliancy, but may choose to do so. Our medical providers, however, are required by law to retain HIPAA compliancy, so that is why we have chosen to use a HIPAA compliant software; so that even the natural providers who aren't bound by the regulation still gain the advantage of increased software security, for both themselves and their clients.

NutriPharm does not staff providers (save for the owner, himself, who has limited services; and is a natural provider as well), but instead contracts with existing providers to expand our health-network, so that when a client / patient uses NutriPharm for their health pursuits, they do not need to jump between numerous providers, in numerous locations. NutriPharm is, in essence, an agency that connects all of its providers together in one place, to simplify a client's / patient's healthcare needs; providing health consults, diets, fitness coaching, cooking, and even medical advice (from our medical providers, only).

As a NutriPharm provider-partner, we have many cooperative benefits to offer, including handling all of the calls, scheduling, and coordination of the patients / clients who schedule appointments with you through our website (e.g. by use of our EHR system; meaning, to enjoy this perk, you'll need to have your own login / account on our EHR system).

For a list of co-op perks, review the bullet-point list to the right.

Apply to be a NutriPharm Partner
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As a NutriPharm partner, here's what you can expect:

  • A dedicated page on our website with your bio & hours; indexed with our website SEO to drive more traffic to your practice;

  • Special links on your dedicated page (at request), incl. any online forms you may require of your clients / patients;

  • VIP discounts through our dispensaries (incl. your staff);

  • A custom-tailored referral system (as part of our health

  • Your own login to our EHR software (optional);

  • Unlimited HIPAA storage for your client / patient files; through our EHR software*;

  • And... we'll handle all appointments & billing for
    self-paying clients / patients that use our gateway *
    to find / use your service(s)!

* In order to enjoy the perks with the asterisk, you must have a login / account with our EHR system.

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