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Our Providers

Our Provider Affiliations

All of our providers, except Brian, are outside (contracted) provider-affiliates who we have pre-negotiated discounted rates for those who schedule appointments and self-pay through NutriPharm (those rates may be subject to change if / when we accept insurance). This said, most of our provider "partners" each have their own, separate practice as well, but some have chosen to remain individual contractors who use NutriPharm as their "medium" (for the purpose of scheduling and billing). It is through this unique "partner" system that we are able to provide our clients and patients with the the lowest rates our providers have chosen to generously offer for self-pay clients / patients who schedule through NutriPharm.

Through our unique provider-affiliate system, NutriPharm can offer its clients the services of both natural and medical providers, including medical lab tests and supplemental products, all through a single portal / entity; NutriPharm.

If you would like more information about our providers, then click the button of the provider you would like more information about, above the image to the right.

To see each of our provider's hours, you can review the information below, or click one of the buttons at the top of this page.

Brian Gray (Health Coach, Supplement Advisor, Diet Advisor,

Cooking Coach, & Fitness Coach)

Fridays, from 11a - 4p

Dr. Len Brancewicz (Pharmacist & Naturopathic Doctor)

Mondays, & Wednesday-Friday, from 10a - 5p

Saturdays, from 10a - 2p

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